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Tectonic Investigations

Studio: First Year Spring 2009

Faculty:  A. Titus, A. Romme, L. Woods and U. Wegman


“Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of volumes assembled under light.”

                -Le Corbusier    


From this dictum we began to research the formation of the platonic volumes. For the cube I asked if the implicit delineation of the edge allowed the imagination to complete the cube. For the cylinder I assumed that this seductive volume is generated through the smooth mystique and ambiguity with which it is perceived. For the pyramid I manipulated the fact that it is constructed of two types of surfaces, rectilinear and triangular. For the cone I exaggerated the moment in which this volume comes to a singular point.


Following our investigation of the four primary volumes, we were challenged to create a symbiotic relationship between the four volumes through the use of a physical intersection. I took inspiration from my initial thoughts about the volumes and became obsessed with the notion of a destructive explosion captured in an ephemeral moment, creating a dynamic condition through the implicit form of primary volumes.

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