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Tesla Museum: Explorations of Field Forces

Studio: Second Year Fall 2009            

Faculty:  L. Kallipoliti, M. Young and P. Eiroa


Beginning with the provocation of Michael Faraday’s investigations in Field Theory, the proposal sought to investigate the idea of structural aggregation as a formal motif providing architectural legibility to inventor Nikola Tesla’s experiments. The site is located in Long Island, NY, where Tesla built his first Tesla Coil intended to electrify the air, allowing society to pull electricity from the sky free of charge. The proposal operates through the manipulation of a module unit, achieving a dual purpose of structural span and enclosure.  Working with the notion of accumulation found in Michael Faraday’s magnetic field experiment, a formal organizational logic takes shape, which in turn, informs the programmatic requirements for the museum. The unidirectional span organizes the program linearly, perpendicular to the span, through an understanding of aggregation and growth implicit in the structural logic of the form. 

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